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Locksmithing encompasses a lot of things: speciality, expertise, and requires skills, professionalism, competence, and proficiency. All of these are because dealing with locks and keys has to do with security, and for any human being, the need for security is up there with the need for food, shelter, and clothing. The security of your home, business place, and other things is a priority for us at Mobile Locksmith. As a result, we have a locksmith near me service that is able to get to you as soon as you contact us.

Locksmith Near Me Services in Dallas, TX

Our company is known for top-quality locksmith services in Dallas, TX. We offer various services that include lock rekeying, lock installation, key making, lock maintenance and servicing, lock out, and security lock upgrades. So whether you’ve got a need for a residential, commercial, automotive, or safe locksmith, you can trust us to always deliver. There isn’t a lock or key that we can not handle. With the level of expertise and experience we’ve got, you will find us perfect for your next lock or key installation project. You’ve found us; now call us!

Locksmith Near Me - Mobile Locksmith

Nearest Locksmith - We Are Maybe On Your Street Right Now!

You could be in need of lock and key service at anytime, hence the need to have the nearest locksmith. And of course, not just any company, but a company that can come to your aid during an emergency lock situation. We have the best tools and equipment and are always standing by to take your requests. Our professionals are very competent and have many years of experience dealing with lock outs, making keys, repairing locks, rekeying locks, and so on. A simple call to our locksmith near me can be the end of that lock or key issue.

Local Locksmith - Responsible And Competent!

Looking for a local locksmith for that much needed lock upgrade? Perhaps you have decided it is time to change the lock on your front door? Well, we like it when people take steps to ensure their homes are well secured because then we can help them to make them even more secure. Your home shouldn’t be a regular place of visit for burglars and unwelcomed guests. Your home should be a safe haven, a sanctuary, an abode where you can lay your head without worrying about intrusions. Let us help you achieve that. Give us a call today.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Locksmith Nearby Dallas, TX - Deserved Services!

Not sure what to do about your missing car keys? Don’t have a spare or don’t remember where you put it? Well, you can’t wait forever to find the spare keys; you have to drive your car out at some point. So, what do you do? Well, you need to seek the help of a locksmith nearby, and if you are anywhere in the city, then you know it is definitely our locksmith near me service provider. That’s right. If you want the very best professionals, you should call us.

Closest Locksmith To Me Dallas, TX-Wherever You May Be!

Are you currently standing outside your door, unable to get in because you have locked yourself out? You went to the back door, but it is locked. Well, it should be, don’t you think? And you can’t even find the spare you kept somewhere in the yard. These things can happen, and they happen when you least expect them. Nevertheless, you’ve got a key expert in us that you can trust because when you are not ready or prepared for such, we are always ready and prepared. Contact us for the closest locksmith Dallas, TX, to me now!

Our Customer's Reviews
Darlene Hecht
Darlene Hecht
2 Reviews
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Really fantastic job. I’d misplaced my office keys and they came out in a Sunday within half an hour and got me back in quickly with a new lock and set of keys. Really fast, professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin
4 Reviews
Read More
Mobile Locksmith responded right away when I requesteda car lockout service. Their technician came and worked on the problem immediately. He diligently and carefully opened my car, and I could get inside in no time. I was happy that I hired them. They're truly reliable!
David Lucas
David Lucas
3 Reviews
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I recently locked my keys in my car and I contacted Mobile Locksmith to help me. They sent their tech and he unlocked my car in less than 5 minutes. Awesome service.
Frances Joyce
Frances Joyce
1 Reviews
Read More
I used their car key replacement service. The guy who helped me out was super friendly and very motivated. Did the job within a few hours and really gave his best. I would highly recommend their car key service and use it again if i need to. Their quotation price was also very reasonable. Brilliant job!!!
Jeanette Fitts
Jeanette Fitts
5 Reviews
Read More
He recommended the most solid options for changing the locks and keys in my house and car. After using their cheap locksmith service, I feel secure once more.

Exceptional Locksmith Services In Dallas, TX!

Perhaps you have asked around for a preferred service company in the city, and our name keeps coming up. That is definitely not a mistake, and we have earned it. Our many years of commitment to quality, superior, affordable, and satisfactory services have surely left their mark on the city. You shouldn’t then wonder why our name keeps coming up. Instead, you should join our ever-growing customer base. We are pretty sure you will leave a positive testimony soon, just like our many satisfied customers. Give us a phone call for our locksmith service now, won’t you?

Locksmith Near Me - FAQ

Of course, there are. You will find our other contact information on our website. You can decide on how you’d like to reach us. Don’t worry, there is always someone at the other end who will take up your request and get back to you as soon as possible. All our means of contact are active, so feel free to reach out to Mobile Locksmith.

Our services are not restricted to just the city; we are able to deliver our services to neighbouring cities as well. This implies that it doesn’t matter your location in or around the city, we can get to you on time.

If it is just your home we are talking about, then it can be completed within an hour. However, if it is a company we are talking about, then it may take more than an hour depending on the size of the facility and the number of locks involved.

Emergencies are situations that we do not take lightly. Once we receive your call, we are able to dispatch a couple of lock experts down to your location within a few minutes. It is possible there is an expert close to you at the time, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get you. 

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