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Electric Door Lock: Keep Your House Protect!

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have. Therefore, it makes sense to protect it with a lock that can’t be easily picked. However, there are certain locks that are so easy to pick that even children can do it. With a simple pin-sized tool called a lock pick, anyone can open your lock in seconds without knowing any codes or other unlocking tricks. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by installing an electric door lock. These locks use electronic signals to unlock the door and not just physical keys or codes as with regular locks. The following article will familiarize you with the different types and advantages of electronic door locks.

Types Of Electric Door Locks: Get Different Types of Locks

An electric door lock is a device that replaces the traditional key lock with electronic signals. This allows the lock to operate electronically to unlock the door instead of using physical keys to lock and unlock the door. The lock uses either a keyless design or a smart key system that can be accessed with a key fob, smartphone app, or through a security system.

The keyless designs use either radio waves or an infrared transmitter to unlock the door. Although the keyless designs are more convenient, they are vulnerable to electronic pick and bump attacks. The pick and bump attacks to open a door by bumping the lock with a device such as an electronic key fob. The keyless designs, therefore, require the installation of an electronic door lock cylinder.

How do Electric Door Locks Work?

Electric door locks use a technique called dynamic door locking. When you lock the door, a solenoid inside the lock sends a signal to the door mechanism to stop the door from opening. When you unlock the door, the solenoid reverses and sends a signal to the door mechanism to resume. You can do it by either radio waves or an infrared transmitter that found on keyless locks. The transmitter sends signals to a receiver inside the lock. The signals unlock the door detected by the receiver.

Then, the lock uses the same signal to unlock the door. Modern electronic door locks use the digital transmission to protect against static-based attacks. A static-based attack is when someone records the signal and then uses that signal to unlock doors. Digital transmission, on the other hand, is immune to these attacks.

Advantages of Electronic Door Locks

Better Security – Electronic door locks offer better security than key locks. These locks let you set a code to unlock the door, which lets you create more security for your home. Some locks can even allow you to create a virtual keychain that lets you store keys from different locations. In this way, you can bring the keys to a specific location without having to carry them.

Better Noise Reduction – Electric door locks use radio waves or infrared transmitters to send signals to detect the presence of a person. These signals are less susceptible to noise than the vibrations created by human movements. This means that your electronic lock is less likely to be triggered by accidental movements.

Better Performance – The advanced technology used in electronic door locks makes them more reliable and efficient than traditional key locks. Modern electronic door locks use the digital transmission to protect against static-based attacks and interference from outside sources. This makes them more efficient and reliable compared to traditional models.

Disadvantages of Electronic Door Locks

More Expensive – Installing electronic door locks requires replacing the door lock cylinder and re-keying the locks by a locksmith. This is more expensive than installing a key lock.

More Hassle – Electronic door locks require you to carry a keyless remote fob to operate the lock. This makes it hard to lock and unlock the door if you are in a hurry or you are suffering from lockpicking attacks.

Vulnerable to Power Outages – Most electronic door locks operate on battery power. If your power goes out, it will be inoperable until the power is restored. It is good to ensure that your battery backup system is up and running.

Install an Electronic Door Lock Cylinder

If you have a traditional key lock, you can replace it with an electronic door lock cylinder. Electronic door lock cylinders operate on battery power and have a digital keypad to let you unlock the door. The electronic keypad is like a regular lock’s locking mechanism. When you enter a code or a PIN to unlock the door, the lock performs the same function as a regular key lock. These electronic door lock cylinders are available in both keyless and keypad styles. They are powered by either battery that recharges when connected to a power source or a wireless transmitter. Make sure that you pick the right one for your locks.

Call Mobile Locksmith!

Installing high security door locks is that they require special tools and knowledge. While some people may be able to install high-security keys themselves, most people will need the help of a professional locksmith. Call our experts at Mobile Locksmith in Dallas, TX. Mobile Locksmith can offer keyless entry door locks and commercial deadbolt locks. When you hire our best locksmith Dallas, TX services you will be very happy with our work.

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