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Deadbolt Lock – Highly Secured Locks In Dallas, TX

Deadbolts are locks that are installed on the inside of a door and are used to secure it. They work by preventing the door from opening unless the lock is disengaged. Deadbolts come in many different shapes and sizes, but most of them consist of two parts: a bolt and a locking mechanism. The bolt slides into the door frame, preventing the door from opening, while the locking mechanism prevents someone outside from entering.

If you are planning to upgrade your front door locks and need to install a deadbolt lock, then contact Mobile Locksmith experts for high-quality services.

Deadbolt Lock Types – We Can Handle Them All

Single Cylinder:

Many residential buildings have single-cylinder deadbolt locks. Unlike a double-cylinder, a single-cylinder has a knob on one side and a keyhole on the other side. A thumb-turn latch works much like a key, and its appearance is similar to a simple lever. In most cases, these rotating mechanisms are installed indoors, where they can secure doors without the need for keys. These are the most basic and can be opened with a key from one side.

Double Cylinder:

These deadbolts have a key cylinder on both the outside and inside of the door. This variant of bolts offers more security as compared to others. They are more appropriate and useful for aesthetically pleasing doors with glass panels, which might be broken by thieves while seeking an entry point to your house. With the help of a double-cylinder deadbolt, it is not possible for thieves or intruders to enter your house as long as they have the correct key.

Combination or Lockable Thumbturn:

It functions as both a single-cylinder and a double-cylinder since it is a combination of both. An inner lock is located on the inside of the door, as well as a thumb turn. Therefore, you can simply use the thumb turn as a single cylinder for convenience instead of the lock on a daily basis.
If you’re leaving your house for extended periods of time, such as when you’re on vacation, and want to ensure that it’s particularly secure, you can also secure it with a key.


The robust locking mechanism of this lock makes it resistant to being forced or attacked open, making it a jimmy-proof deadbolt lock. It takes very little modification to install, so it is popular for external doors as an additional level of protection and security.

The bolt and jamb bracket are intertwined, making it difficult to open these bolts. You can find them on residential and commercial doors alike.

Suppose you want to install any of the above-explained deadbolt locks in your commercial or residential building. Contact Mobile Locksmith company in Dallas, TX. Our commercial and residential locksmith experts offer high-quality installation services for all types of deadbolts. You can rely on our experienced and competent professionals for exceptional service delivery.

High-Security Locks In Dallas, TX – Our Deadbolts Are The Best!

Due to the force used by burglars, a quality deadbolt is the best defense against home invasion. Steel bolts extend into the frame’s strike plate and door jambs and make it harder to forcefully open the door with a deadbolt. The most secure locks are deadbolts, which must be engaged to keep the door closed. These locks have a unique locking device that is built inside the bolt to make it more secure and to prevent unwanted entry. If you want to add a strong layer of protection and security to your commercial and residential properties, install our high-security locks like deadbolts and get yourself worry-free.

Standard door knob locks couldn’t be better than the deadbolts. It is difficult to temper, break down, or pick a door with a deadbolt installed. The reason is that a deadbolt is thicker and goes deep into the frame of the door.

Deadbolt Lock Installation – Pro Quality At Affordable Rates

At Mobile Locksmith company, we have highly trained and experienced technicians. All or technicians are ready to make sure that your business or home is well protected. We are masters at installing effective deadbolts that can provide added deterrence and protection against intruders and criminals.

Our expert professionals can easily diagnose problems with your deadbolts and also provide replacement or repair services as needed. There could be a lot of issues with your already installed deadbolt locks like:

  •  Deadbolts are stuck
  •  Disturbed alignment
  •  A broken key inside the lock, etc

If you are experiencing these issues or any other with your deadbolt, then contact our experts. Reach us to get the best services. Don’t worry about the prices as we are affordable.

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