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What if you find your car key fob causing issues and you are stuck finding a reliable option anywhere in Dallas, TX worry not. A mobile locksmith is now providing you with the best services in town. If you are looking for a replacement, cover change, or programming we are just a call away to get you the solution you are looking for!

Car Key Fob Services In Dallas, TX

You are getting late for work but the car door is locked despite trying really hard. Or maybe your key fob is not responding to help you unlock the door. Our locksmiths are experts in dealing with car key fob programming, repair, and battery. If you misplace or forget where you put it after driving, we are offering key replacement too. Now you don’t have to waste your time and energy when we are available for your service at your specified location.

car Key fob - Mobile Locksmith

Fob Key Replacement- No Issue

Your car key fob is in use for a long time. This keyless system might be broken or damaged with time and age which is why it is hindering the door lock mechanism. If the key fob is broken, damaged or you have misplaced it and have no time to find out where have you lost it. Then our locksmiths are ready to give car key fob replacement. This way you can save time and use that for a better purpose. Our professionals are on wheels to get you a new one in no time

Universal Key Fob- Are Now In

Are you trying to use your universal key fob for any vehicle you have come across? This is not the case as it requires programming to connect to the wireless system of your car. They had built-in hardware to access the door lock and unlock mechanism as well as the trunk. So, if you are looking out for one that will ease you from managing so many keys look out for us. Our experts are available to guide you on how to use it properly and fix any issues with its cover and inner system

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Electronic Key Fob-Are Convenient To Use

Why use old ways of putting keys when you have a wireless electronic key fob to lock and unlock your car door? Owning this digital fob will save you from endless hours of finding the correct key from the keychain. All big automobile companies are now providing this fob to keep the process of starting a car as smooth as possible. Now if you are wondering how to get one or for its fixing worry not as our pro locksmith Dallas, TX, experts are ready to help you without costing hefty amounts to pay

Reprogramming Fob in Dallas, TX – Is Very Easy

Are you worried as your key fob is not connecting with your car’s wireless system? Or you are wondering if you need to reprogram your key fob. If yes, then we are well trained to give you the solution you are looking for. Programming requires a special software system and varies according to the car model you are having so don’t waste your time looking out for a solution online as our locksmith North Dallas experts know professional ways to do that for you. Don’t scroll away through endless ways to do it yourself and call us for expert assistance.

Our Customer's Reviews
Darlene Hecht
Darlene Hecht
2 Reviews
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Really fantastic job. I’d misplaced my office keys and they came out in a Sunday within half an hour and got me back in quickly with a new lock and set of keys. Really fast, professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin
4 Reviews
Read More
Mobile Locksmith responded right away when I requesteda car lockout service. Their technician came and worked on the problem immediately. He diligently and carefully opened my car, and I could get inside in no time. I was happy that I hired them. They're truly reliable!
David Lucas
David Lucas
3 Reviews
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I recently locked my keys in my car and I contacted Mobile Locksmith to help me. They sent their tech and he unlocked my car in less than 5 minutes. Awesome service.
Frances Joyce
Frances Joyce
1 Reviews
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I used their car key replacement service. The guy who helped me out was super friendly and very motivated. Did the job within a few hours and really gave his best. I would highly recommend their car key service and use it again if i need to. Their quotation price was also very reasonable. Brilliant job!!!
Jeanette Fitts
Jeanette Fitts
5 Reviews
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He recommended the most solid options for changing the locks and keys in my house and car. After using their cheap locksmith service, I feel secure once more.

Taking Care Of Your Car Is Necessary

Your dream car is now more secure than ever before by the recent advancements in the automobile industry. So you must protect your car’s luxury with reliable services. Our company believes in taking good care of your possession and thus providing quality car locksmith services for any of your automobile car ignition key issues. 

Car Key Fob - FAQ

It is a tiny hardware device that operates on an RFID system to help connect with objects sharing the same system.

They provide easy access to your car door while making the process safer and more secure. It also saves you time in finding the right key and makes your ride smooth and automatic.

Programming is done by different software varying according to your car model. It is better if you get it done by a professional locksmith.

Yes, Mobile Locksmith has well-equipped experts on their wheels in Dallas, TX to help you with any emergency lock and key issues. We have no hidden extra charges and are available for any answer anytime.

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