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Locksmithing has been around for many years, and we believe it will still be around for a long time to come. It is a profession that is concerned with locks and keys. From making keys to building lock mechanisms, locksmiths have a unique profession that helps to maintain security, safety, and privacy. Without locks, a lot of people won’t feel as safe and secure as they should be in their own house. Also, because people often have valuables they prefer to keep away, a lock and key come into use. Therefore, locks and keys are important, and Mobile Locksmith is just the company to call for all your locksmith Dallas, TX service needs.


Locksmith Service in Dallas, TX

Locks can be found on virtually anything—one would find locks on house doors, commercial doors, safes, file cabinets, lockers, cars, and even mobile devices. Well, while some are digital locks, others require the manual use of keys. However, keys come in different forms and today, there are cars with remote keys, which means you don’t have to insert a key into a lock to unlock your car door. This is the same for most traditional door locks as well. Therefore, for your commercial, residential, safe, and automotive locksmith Dallas, TX needs, you can rely on Mobile Locksmith.

Our Lock & Key Services In Dallas, TX

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Car Locksmith - Experience The Difference!

Many people believe that once there is an issue with their car door lock, their key ignition switch, or car key, it can only be resolved by a car dealership. Oftentimes, a car dealership would have to send notice of the damage to the car manufacturer so as to get a replacement. However, things have changed, and a lock and key expert can now take care of that issue with your car key, ignition, and door lock. All you need to do is seek out a competent lock expert and you will get an ignition repair, a new replacement key if you misplaced yours, and a fix for the door.

Our experienced locksmith Houston gurus can effortlessly duplicate car keys and replace the ignition keys of any car model. You can rely on us to avail professional car locksmith assistance whenever the need arises. We have a reputation for delivering exceptional services.

Commercial Locksmith Service - Top Professionals

Any place of business demands and requires top-tier locks. A bank, for instance, is a place where money and valuables are kept. Therefore, it requires good security locks, and, as you know, most banks make use of vaults to secure people’s money and valuables. However, not every business place needs a vault. If you have got a business that requires good quality door locks, then you should seek the assistance of our company. We know all about high security door locks and can recommend the best ones for you. Of course, you can contact us for its installation, repairs, and maintenance needs.

Residential Locksmith Solutions: Home Security Is Important

Our home is a place where we lay our heads and unwind from all the toiling of the day. It would be worrisome to know that you don’t have a good lock in place. There are different types of locks that can be used for your safety and security. locks that help you sleep well at night. While they most likely won’t stop a break in, a good lock can prevent one. As a result, you need to make sure you have a lock installed that meets your security needs. You can trust Mobile Locksmith for this. We have a team of professional locksmiths in Dallas, TX. Call us now at (972) 330-3650 if you need top-notch locksmith services.

Our Customer's Reviews
Darlene Hecht
Darlene Hecht
2 Reviews
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Really fantastic job. I’d misplaced my office keys and they came out in a Sunday within half an hour and got me back in quickly with a new lock and set of keys. Really fast, professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin
4 Reviews
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Mobile Locksmith responded right away when I requesteda car lockout service. Their technician came and worked on the problem immediately. He diligently and carefully opened my car, and I could get inside in no time. I was happy that I hired them. They're truly reliable!
David Lucas
David Lucas
3 Reviews
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I recently locked my keys in my car and I contacted Mobile Locksmith to help me. They sent their tech and he unlocked my car in less than 5 minutes. Awesome service.
Frances Joyce
Frances Joyce
1 Reviews
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I used their car key replacement service. The guy who helped me out was super friendly and very motivated. Did the job within a few hours and really gave his best. I would highly recommend their car key service and use it again if i need to. Their quotation price was also very reasonable. Brilliant job!!!
Jeanette Fitts
Jeanette Fitts
5 Reviews
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He recommended the most solid options for changing the locks and keys in my house and car. After using their cheap locksmith service, I feel secure once more.

Emergency Locksmith - Available Round The Clock!

The beautiful thing about our company is that we provide emergency lock and key services. This means that whenever you are faced with one or another key and lock issue, you can contact us. We can repair, install, and replace any type of lock. If you also need key cutting, replacement, or lock rekeying, we are the company to call. Do not hesitate to give us a call as we will be at your location as soon as possible.

Fully Licensed Locksmith Service

Locksmith Near Me - Dallas, TX

Dallas, a modern metropolis in north Texas, is the commercial and cultural hub of the region. We are available in this city for whatever locksmith Dallas, TX service you may require. All you need to do is reach out to us. Call us now!

Zip codes: 75001, 75019, 75032, 75043, 75051.

Locksmith Dallas, TX - FAQs

We can definitely repair any type of door lock. Whether it is an old one that you do not want to part with or a new one, Mobile Locksmith can definitely repair it. However, if the damage to the lock is beyond repair, it will have to be replaced.

Repairs may take anything from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the type of lock involved. Some high security locks may take more time than regular locks. However, typically, a repair should be done in under an hour.

If you live within the city, then our expert can definitely get to you in a matter of minutes. Dont worry about delays; we always make sure to get to any location on time to resolve any situation, especially an emergency. Our services are exceptional and we put your security needs first.

There isnt much needed from you but to make sure you dont have kids and pets around while we attend to your service needs. This is important as we may have a need for little tools and we wouldnt want your kids to mistake one as one of their toys.

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